Wendy’s Big Classic with Cheese


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Wendy's Big Classic with Cheese

Wendy’s Big Classic with cheese (single!, double!!. Triple!!!)

. Please do not choke. This is best enjoyed with the their natural salted fries ( so fresh they keep the skin on) and coke of course. If you have the appetite, always go for the biggie! wendy’s is all about the biggie. BIGGIE!
This should be able to get preoccupied. This is good for dudes wanting to score on chicks with big appetitties :). This is also good for broken hearted hot chicks. This is also good for fat hot chicks that are not so broken hearted. I’d say this is good for any chick.

Wendy's Big Classic with Cheese


Value meal and Combo

Yes, we mentioned the biggie right? The comco meal is the usual favorite, burger, fries and drinks. If you want it special, go for the triple, ask for a lot of catsup and some tissue.
Have this for lunch and you can skip the dinner and the next breakfast!


Php 159 Single with cheese
Php 238 Double with cheese
Php 343 Triple with cheese

If you are on a diet, do not get thi smeal; If you are short on cash, do not get this meal; If you are hungry with some cash, go biggie and order 3 for yourself.

Wendy's Big Classic with Cheese

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