Wendy’s Goes 49

Wendy’s goes 49! Menu Item and Review

Wendy's Goes 49

 Wendy’s goes 49!

Wendy’s, responding to the pressure of 49ers on the fast food scene comes up with their cheap trick. They have bowed down to the people needing more food for les money. They came up with their own Php 49 meals.
They have created their cheapest burger yet – the common hamburger. A basic burger. Well, we all no there is nothing basic from Wendy’s as compared to your common Php burger. Another offering will be a rice meal in Salisbury steak. Not sure if you know what Salisbury is? Me neither.

Value meal and Combo

From Wendy’s:
When payday is still a few days and you are living on a tight budget, sometimes you really have to cut back on expenses. Lucky for youthat with our Real Meal Deals, you don’t have to cut back on taste.


Php 49

Note the “Real” in REAL MEAL DEALS. Take note. . . .

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