Wendy’s Philippines

Today is the best time to munch a Wendy’s Philippines hamburger! Are you in the mood to compare and experience what hamburgers are the best in town? Oh, you will be delighted with the Wendy’s Philippines hamburger and menu! Yummy, juicy and thick burger patties are just the greatest, aren’t they? Here at Wendy’s Philippines, you can get just that with fresh onion rings, pickles, lettuce and creamy American cheese, here one can experience a whole new exciting flavor to hamburger and fast food dining as a whole. Mix and match different Wendy’s Philippines hamburgers with vegetable salads to satisfy your craving for great taste.

Wendy’s Philippines is a popular fast food chain that is serving American food. Franchised from Wendy’s in the USA, it first opened its doors to food fanatics in December 8, 1983 in Parksquare 1, Makati. Under the Wenphil Corporation, Wendy’s Philippines grew into one of the top fast food chains in the country as it is operating 31 stores as of present and shows signs of continuous growth. Wendy’s Philippines is a favorite dining place among Filipinos of all ages as evidenced by the hundreds that go there everyday.


What makes Wendy’s Philippines hamburgers more exciting?

Wendy’s Philippines

Wendy’s Philippines boasts a menu that is all mouth watering but it is its burgers that make it a top eating place for kids and adults alike, check out this most liked burger in the menu:

Wendy’s Philippines Double with cheese hamburger

Being straightforward, this hamburger from Wendy’s Philippines is the most loved, most favored and most ordered all year long. It’s already given that Wendy’s Philippines possesses real flavorful beef patties but what makes this burger special is that there’s two of these thick patties sold at a price that’s easily within the reach of students and those who are saving. Sandwiched by attractive and hot buns, you will appreciate the freshness of lettuce and onion rings that are crunchy with every bite (everybody seems to like this), their pickles and American cheese also combine for a flavor that is oh so gladdening.

Do you crave for good old American burgers, baked potatoes and fresh vegetable salads? Well, we know exactly the place to go to satisfy your discriminating taste: come to Wendy’s Philippines and be satisfied with awesome tasting burgers and real healthy salads. At Wendy’s Philippines, you’re imagination of delicious hamburgers with fresh onion rings, American cheese, lettuce and pickles will have its reality.

Everybody is familiar with the taste of hamburger and sometimes, one can just grow tired of it. If that’s how you feel lately, maybe a dining experience at Wendy’s Philippines will change your mind completely. In this food store, one can taste the difference between good and great. Wendy’s Philippines hamburgers possess this delicious taste and generous serving that will truly make you happy. It seems that Wendy’s Philippines has burgers that are more zesty. They have this zing to them. Rating their burgers, you’ll agree that each variant is great. Come and enjoy Wendy’s Philippines and find out first hand why their burgers are real successes.