Wendys Philippines

Treat yourself to Wendys Philippines because you deserve to relax and enjoy a great meal today.

Wendys Philippines is a franchisee of Wendy’s International. It was first brought here by Wenphil Corporation in 1983 and first served American food in Makati, Philippines. Initially, it was not at all expected that Wendys Philippines would become this successful due to the fact that the economy then was at a low and because other giants in the hamburger business were already dominating the market. Nevertheless, Wendys Philippines pushed on and served food to a handful of curious Filipinos. In a matter of a few months, Wendys Philippines saw doubled and tripled numbers of customers arriving at a time until new outlets had to be opened to satisfy customers’ needs. This proved that Wendys Philippines had a taste that was fresher and livelier coupling the fact that its menu also served food that was nutritious and healthy. From this time on fast food was not all thought of as junk food whenever at Wendys Philippines.

Wendys PhilippinesHave a look at Wendys Philippines best sellers below, if descriptions make your mouths water now, wait until you see their food up close and smell their scrumptious aromas later.

Wendys Philippines Hamburgers

Single with Cheese/ Double with Cheese/ Triple with Cheese

Savor delicious hamburgers with thick 100% pure beef patties. You’ve heard of quarter pound patties haven’t you? Well, the Wendys Philippines Double with cheese is delicious with its half a pound of beef paties! These burgers are zesty with fresh lettuce, onions rings, pickles and creamy American cheese.

Shrimp Sandwich

You can only find this at Wendys Philippines. Shrimp is prepared ala fillet and sandwiched in soft buns. Lettuce and a delicious dressing complement the taste very well.

Wendys Philippines Salads

Spicy chicken caesar salad

A delight to the mouth, ingredients include chopped romaine, shaved Asiago cheese and French bread croutons.

Berry almond chicken salad

Yummy and nutritious blueberries, strawberries, roasted almonds, shaved Asiago cheese, and a warm grilled chicken breast are on top of eleven garden greens for a fusion of fruity and delicious tastes.

Apple pecan chicken salad

The perfect salad for us and maybe for you too, this is a mix of red and green apples, blue cheese, sweet cranberries and roasted pecans while on top of it is  grilled chicken fillet served warm.

Do you want to go somewhere wherein the food is nutritious and healthy but the setting a fast food? Do you ever feel salads need to be the center of attraction in every food outlet? That doesn’t seem to happen often does it, but at Wendys Philippines, the salad bar is the bull’s eye to customers’ tastes. For those who are figure and health conscious, this fast food chain is the healthiest option for fresh and crisp vegetables are what they serve. Wendys Philippines serves varied American food and we noticed that everything we ordered were tasting better and feeling better to the mouth and touch proving our assumption that every food item was made of top quality ingredient. Whether it’s burgers, salads or rice meals, Wendys Philippines seem to prepare their food extra special.

Overall, the dining experience at Wendys Philippines is always good. Service is great thanks to their flexible staff and crew, they are helpful and courteous and are worthy of much respect and proper treatment from customers. The ambience at Wendys Philippines is energetic and exciting, here is a place for good conversation and meeting old friends, sharing events is great on top of eating delicious meals. We would definitely recommend dining at Wendys Philippines, fast food seems tiring and not healthy most of the time and it’s great that Wendy’s Philippines has better food to offer.